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This website posts the results of extensive fact laden research concerning harmful ingredients in today's dog treats and dog food. As you review these findings, you'll get a preponderance of scary but trustworthy information that could lengthen your dogs life. We therefore urge every dog loving caregiver who really cares for and buys food and treats for their dog, to take the time to review this website. Here's what this site exposes: 1) How pet owners are being misled and deceived by marketing ploys and hype to make us think their dog food and treats are good for our dogs when the exact opposite is true. 2) How and why dog food companies offer false, cleverly disguised information keeps the truth hidden that many of their dog food ingredients are used only to boost profits even though they know these ingredients will shorten dog's lives.

When you review our website you will clearly see that we are more than a maker of highly trusted, safe dog treats. That we  also provide reliable information to help you ensure your dog lives a happier, healthier and longer life. 

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