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Don't Believe Some Dog Food Ingredients Are Bad, Here Are A Few Examples To Convince You

If you think all dog food companies care for your dog, think again. If they cared they wouldn't use any harmful ingredients period.

Here's one example of a really bad ingredient; Meat By-Products. Mmm, sounds good for your dog so you buy it . . . but, meat by-products are really NOT meat, yet dogs literally die for it and from it. "Meat By-Products" are nothing more than a legal term that makes uninformed  people believe it's meat and therefore good for their dogs when it's only purpose is to make dog food and treats cheaper so dog food companies can make more profit.

Meat By-Products are just one of a host of about 150 other bad ingredients. For now, to make our point, let's just look at one more group, Vitamin supplements. Ok, you go shopping for dog food and when you pickup a bag of kibble the bag boldly states, "Healthiest Dog Food On The Market Today." But, you heard a lot about dogs dying from bad ingredients and because you really love your dog you decide to read the ingredients.

In the ingredient's list, you come to. "Vitamin B12-Supplement." sounds good . . .doesn't it? After all aren't vitamins good for dogs? Yes they are but only when they are natural. "Supplement" means it is an artificial additive and that's the case with Vitamin B12-Supplement. It's made in a laboratory using the poison Cyanide. Don't believe me, then scroll down on this website CLICK HERE. Cyanide incidentally is the same poison used in movie dramas where a villain gives small amounts to their target in small undetectable doses until, over a long period of time,  it keeps compounding until  one day, their target dies. Now you can decide if you want to give any ingredient with the word "supplement" in its description to your dog.

Artificial Preservatives are another one of more than 150 laboratory concocted artificial, unnatural  dog food and treat ingredients whose sole purpose is to raise the company's profits. To help you better ensure your dogs live a longer, healthier and happier life we have compiled a comprehensive, alphabetized research and finding's list of all these harmful and dangerous ingredients. This list has summaries and links to the sources that explain why you should avoid feeding any of these harmful ingredients your dog. This list is yours by CLICKING HERE.

Start now to protect your dog by avoiding any food or treats containing any grains or any "BAD," poisonous, artificial carcinogen additives, like; flavorings, colorings, chemicals, by-products or any artificial preservatives or supplements.  Here's another link to a trusted research website that reveals Top Worst Dog Treat Brands For 2020 and why they are the worst. Visit that website by CLICKING HERE

To learn what is our role in helping you to ensure your dog has the longest, healthiest, happiest life possible? Click HERE è

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