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What To Expect When You Purchase Best Barkery Dog Treats

  • You can expect that our hand-crafted benchmark dog treats will always contain only costly all-natural ingredients that magnify their intrinsic flavors into renowned products.

  • You can expect that every slow-oven baked batch was made with uncompromising precision to maintain our ingredient integrity and high quality standards that our intelligent, judicious customers want and expect.

  • You can expect that our easy no-hassle guarantee helps ensure that if your beloved dog(s) doen't love our proven recipes it will cost you nothing.

  • You can expect that we learned early on that there is no right  way to do a wrong thing and that is why we keep it simple and pay passionate attention to even the smallest details.

  • You can expect that there are no hidden ingredients because we're proud that our treats contain only the best-tasting, premium, all-natural, gluten free ingredients available.

  • You can expect that our proprietary recipes are kept consistent by making them one way – the right way. We've learned that doing the right things the right way gives customers like you WOW factor treats their dogs love and crave.

  • You can expect that we remain committed to follow our founder’s Four Guiding Principles and passionately follow them every day, with every batch.

  • You can expect that we know you expect to get what you paid for. That's why we take no shortcuts and no compromises when it comes to making the highest quality, gourmet dog treats available today. Our well trained artisans strive to consistently exceed customer’s expectations.

Best Barkery is a major supporter of Humane Animal Treatment Charity, Inc. ("HATC"), a USA, IRS approved 501(C)(3) non-profit organization that holds Fund Raisers to garner crucially needed funds to help smaller 501(C)(3) non-profit, no-kill animal rescue facilities. Therefore, proceeds from your on-line purchase of our products will be donated to HATC to help them to continue their missions of mercy. Donations made to 501(C)(3) non-profit organization Fund Raisers are tax deductable.

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